Sales conditions and cancellation policy

Before you pay for the trip please apply yourself for the trip, wait for our confirmation of your application and make sure the trip will be held (depends on how many people are interested in the trip or weather conditions).

Conditions and rules on Sporttour trips

. Contract Relationship between  client and (follow Sporttour) starting from signing up and paying for the trip or paying deposit for the trip. These conditions are following the Civil and Bussiness Code. Sporttour reserves right to change conditions shown in trip information, which could be  different from the informations displayed previously on the internet page. Sporttour is not responsible for bad weather conditions, traffic conditions, waiting on the borders, calamity, disaster etc. Sporttour is not paying any damages and charges from things mentioned above (is highly recommended to have travel insurance). After recieved payment, client agree with all conditions of its trip and Sporttour will follow all conditions, terms of contract and quality in those range of agreed conditions.

. Sport trip program of all Sporttour activities is oriented to sports. Mainly on Cycling, Cross country-skiing, Ski, Ski – alpinism, Hiking and other outdoor sports. In the information you can find the details of each sport trip and choose the right one for you.

3. Sport trip prices are always displayed on page of each sport trip. From this prices  we are calculating cancellation fee. Sporttour reserves right to change prices of the trip, when it is necessary.  In case of raising prices for trip of more than 5%, client is allowed to cancel the trip without any reason up to 14 days from date when we informed our client. Raising of prices less than 5% is not meant as reason for cancel the trip without cancellation fee. You can find always right prices in informations of each sport trip on our web page.

4. Booking of your trip:  For booking your trip you have to use application form on or e-mail. We are filling trips with customers on first come first serve basis.

5. Paying for the trip: After we receive your application you are in our list of particapants and you will recieve confirmation and invoice by e-mail. After you will pay for your trip we will confirm your payment again by e-mail. If we don´t recieve your payment on time we can proceed your reservation to other applicant waiting. Also if you pay deposit for your trip and rest of the payment is not recieved on time we will proceed your place to another applicant and you will recieve your deposit back in according to our cancellation policy.

6. Cancellation policy:  The latest day when customer can cancel the contract is 7 calendar days before travelling by e-mail, postal letter or phone (has to be confirmed by email from us). The amount which we will send you back depends on time when you cancel the trip. We will give you  your money back untill 30 days from day when we recieve your cancellation.

Cancellation fees:
40 days and more before departure - 10% from the price of the trip is cancellation fee
39 - 25 days before departure - 25 % from the price
24 - 15 days
before departure 50 % from the price
14 - 7 days before departure 75 % from the price.

Less than 7 days before departure is cancellation fee 100% of amount paid. The same applies when you don´t come for departure or don´t have all required documents and equipment for the trip. You can send the other person instead of you without any cancellation fee when you inform us at least 3 days before departure.

7. Trip cancellation: reserves right to cancel the trip in case of low occupancy. The latest date for the cancellation is 10 days before departure. In extraordinary circumstances the latest date for cancellation is 1 day before departure (for example in case of dangerous weather conditions). One day trip can be cancel also 1 day before departure. Sporttour will return all payments for canceled trip not later than 30 calendar days from cancellation. Sporttour will not pay any other compensations in case of cancelled trips.

8. Date changes:  Sporttour has right to change dates of trip in case of extraordinary circumstances not caused by Sporttour. When the new date of the trip won´t be suitable for the client, he can choose from other one, or cancel the trip. Client will receive all money back in 30 days.

9. Claims:  Complaints regarding described trip details is necessary to send in 14 calendar days after return from trip. We will solve and respond for every complain in 30 calendar days.

10. During our trips, is not responsible for individual actions of any person.

11. Insurance: When you are going to travel abroad you have to have travel insurance which will cover any health, medical or technical problems. We are taking no responsibility for any extra costs in case that client have no travel insurance on our trips. Clients are also participating on our trips on their own risk and they are responsible for their own physical condition during our trips.

12. Transportation: We are using coaches (max. speed 100 km/hod.) or minibuses (max. speed 120 km/hod.) Transportation is provided by contractors, who are responsible for transportation and their buses in full range. If the vehicle is equipped with seat belts, you are required to use them. If you are not using seat belt, all possible consequencies are on your own risk. Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles. Clients are fully responsible for all damage and dirt what they did during the transport and they could be asked to pay extra costs damage in vehicle.

13. Accommodation on our trips if it is provided, is managed by Sporttour. You can find all  informations about your trip on our website and in information that you receive by e-mail soon enough before departure also with other trip details.

. Our trips are guided by trained instructors (mostly from Faculty of Physical Education and Sports) and their practice and know-how guarantee quality and safe of our sport trips.
Please follow all instructions from your guides and schedule of our trip. It is for your safety.

15. Necessary equipment is described in trip details what you will recieve before departure. Also feel free to ask us anything. We are recommend to wear helmet during all activities where it is normally used.

16. Money what you are taking with you is up to your decision and your needs. We need to warn you that you can be asked to show that you have enough money for travelling on country borders. If you don´t have enought money, Sporttour won´t be responsible for this situation on the border.

17. Travel documents:  For foreign tours you need a valid passport (for travel inside European Union, Croatia and Switzerland is enough to have valid your Identity card). If you need visas, we will inform you soon enough before departure and this will be written in trip details on our web page.

18. Clients under 18 y.o. age can attend our trips only with written agreement from their legal representative (parents). Our trips are oriented on sport activities and we recommend to you consult with us if it is right trip for you regarding your age, health and physical condition.  

How you apply for the trip:
Fill in form on our website or write to our e-mail:,

How to pay for your trip:
Before paying for your trip, wait for our confirmation of your application. After confirmation, we will send you invoice with all payment details.

Owner of the name Sporttour is PRO CYCLING s.r.o.